Dates wrong on events timeline

Forgive me for replying to this same email with a different topic, but I can’t find where to post it.

My Wyze app events list currently shows the past week as Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Tue. Thats right, two Tuesdays. It correctly has today, January 1st, as Tuesday, but it also says yesterday was Tuesday, and Sunday as Monday, amd so on. See the attached screen shot. I don’t know how long it’s been screwed up because I might not have noticed.

What can be done?



Made me look. Mine is correct. However I’m on iOS beta version 2.0.19

My guess is just a glitch. Have you tried force quitting the app and re-launching?

I just tried forcing a stop, but its still like that.

I have two Tuesdays too and didn’t even notice until I read this post and went to look!
Android 8.0

I should also note that the prior week, there was only one Tuesday. Could this have something to do with the end of the month and there being 31 days, possibly?
Android 8.0
App v2.0.23

I blame Y2K.

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Sorry about this! The new year led to this issue and we apologize for the trouble. The future dates will line up. :slight_smile:

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