Events only showing 20 events per day

A couple of months ago my events list started only showing 20 events for each day, it doesnt matter how many cameras i have selected it only shows the 20 newest events (1 cam 20 events, 2 or more cams the last 20 combined events). I can select a specific cam onltto see further back but i cant see back further than 20 for the day. Is there a setting im missing or has/is anyone else having this problem? I have a mix of v2,v3 & v2pan running on my account

Try dragging the events list up and hold it for a few seconds, then let go. If there are more than 20 events, the app should load another 20.

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Hi @fgcinhb - If you press Edit/Select All (only upto 20 events) will be selected. If you want to select more, you will have to scroll to the bottom of the event list and then select all.

Could you please let me know your intent for selecting all the events - is it to delete them?