Wish the outdoor cam didn't render the smartphone worthless

I’ve horsed around with the new Outdoor cam for 48 hours and feel like I should have instead put the money toward a pair of V2 cameras. Experimenting with Travel Mode, it appears to me to render the smartphone relatively useless for any other purpose. By that I mean once Travel Mode is set up, if I load a different app or two on the phone or enable mobile data, the camera loses connection to the phone. Maybe I’m missing something, but it appears to me that unless you want to set up a timelapse recording (or record a video directly, manually) and expect to use your phone for anything else, you’re out of luck. Then there’s the 20-30 second delay when viewing a live stream, which is kind of annoying but not necessarily a deal breaker. When you double press the Sync button in order to set up Travel Mode, you have to be really quick with the double click or it endlessly tries to pair and you have to turn it off and start over. Looks to me like if you were going to use this remotely for spectacular timelapse photos it might be good to set up Travel Mode using a tablet or a spare phone that you can leave with the camera.