Outdoor Cam Travel Mode - connection to phone drops

When I am in Travel Mode, sitting two feet away in my car as a passenger, I keep losing connection to the camera and have to go thru the whole process again, connecting via WiFi, etc. Being that close I didn’t expect this problem. Anyone else having this issue?

Still no one else describing this? Still can not keep the phone connected to the camera. After a time-lapse I have to reboot everything to reconnect just to download and view any recording. The phone will just not stay linked to the camera and they are so close to each other.

I don’t know about this specifically, I haven’t put my WCO into travel mode yet.

What I can tell you is that sometimes WIFI can be a bit funny. By that I mean there are places close to the source of the WiFi that are dead zones. Think of WiFi signal like ripples in water. It’s possible to create interference patterns from a sing wave source.

Try moving your phone to different positions in the car, who knows it might help.