Outdoor cam issue

I have the new outdoor cam. I have the base connected. I have the sd card in the camera. But I cant seem to connect with travel mode. It works in the house fine. Is anyone else having this issue?

Sorry you haven’t had a reply in 4 days. All I can add is a similar problem. I like the Travel Mode but, for some reason, I can’t stay connected to my phone, which is so odd. On an hour trip my phone was constantly less than two feet away from the camera up in my dash. I was doing a time lapse. The whole afternoon on that trip, after the time lapse was successful and I watched it, I could not keep the camera connected to my phone. I had to constantly reboot it and reconnect the WiFi. I thought it should work much more smoothly being so close. I’ll quickly mention to, that in the regular mode at home, I do not get any motion detected clips at all. It’s a fun gadget, though. I can put it anyway with no wires and check the video anytime.

Did you click the button two times in succession?

Connecting to travel mode, when you are connecting the live stream , if it is constantly retry, turn off your WIFI data. Some phone OS is very slow in transitioning from WIFI data to Camera AP.