Outdoor Cam Wifi does not stay connected!

My outdoor Cam Loses Wifi as soon as I go outside. Anyone else having this issue? So at the time, I have a cam that I can just take where ever I go and record on travel mode :frowning: Very disappointed so far!

Hi @flowers1996 and welcome to the forum.

Many have complained about the range of the WOC to base unit. It is promoted as 300’ but most get only 30~50’. What distance are you getting and are there several walls between the base and camera?

You may need to relocate the base unit closer to the desired camera location for it to work. That failing you may need to open a support ticket and return for credit.

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Mine only works when im home using the internet. But anytime I leave and check the app somewhere using cellphone service it never connects and the monitoring service doesn’t work either.

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Check your internet router settings and make sure the necessary ports are not blocked.
Click here for a link to the list of ports

Very rare cases would you need to alter ports on the router. This isn’t a place of business with a network admin opening and closing ports for network traffic.

Try connecting from another WiFI such as a cafe or Starbucks to eliminate the poss of your mobile service blocking the connection. Thats all I have for now. :slightly_smiling_face:

Go to SETTINGS, chose " home" or “Away”.