Outdoor Cam won't reconnect

I paired the WOC to the base station, all works fine. I unplugged the base station (needed to route wires), and when I plug it back in the WOC never reconnects. I removed the camera from the app, then re-paired, and it worked. But unplug the base station and the same problem repeats.

Update - I’ve been playing with the base station. It’s blinking blue, and looks like it is having trouble connecting to my network. Maybe I have a bad unit? I’ll try the reset button and see what happens.

I have a different problem but thought I’d add my issue to your thread.

I have 2 networks. I’m trying to connect to my Google Nest Wifi. The base is plugged in and connected to a switch. The light is blue on the base.

The app tells me to Go to Wifi selection. I go to the network I want to connect to it’s on and I’m using it & I go back to the App. Still the same Go to Wifi Selection. I go to the wifi page and I see there is a WYZE _C and a lot of numbers network that says disconnected. I try to connect and I get an error message that says: Failed to connect to network.

I cannot for the life of me figure out why I cannot connect to my home network where all my other cameras are connected OR if that WYZE network I see is attached to the base I have OR is a neighbor’s network that I’m seeing.

WTH am I doing wrong? Help meeeee!

Well, I don’t know what I did but it’s connected. A whole lotta errors saying it could not see the QR code but at some point it did I guess. I exited out of the set up and then tried again and before I tried again it said it was set up.

I’d hoped it would use the google nest wifi mesh but apparently it has to use it’s own WYZE network so the danged thing cannot be 50 ft away from the base which is in my house and it’s range seems to be 30 ft. I’ll use the camera but it’t range is not good enough for my property. Bummer.

My WOC is being sent by FedEx smartpost. I guess thats what 10.00 shipping gets us.

Mine got to me pretty quick once they sent the email that it had shipped. Got the email on Wed July 29 at 6pm and had it in hand on Saturday morning.

Oh boy, with the intermittent small power glitches we have here. I can see problems.
Let us know if it was just a one time thing jrabin.
Thanks for bringing this to our attention.