Travel Mode

I was under the assumption that when in travel mode and set up to record motion only that the battery would last for a long time. I tried it and my battery only lasted about 10 hours. In addition there was no activity to record so why did it use so much battery ? when using it in regular mode the battery has lasted months. Please explain, or am I doing something wrong. I’ve searched all over and everything I have found I am setting up correctly. Very disappointed.

Was your phone connected to live view while in travel mode? If so, that would explain the battery drain.

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Your lucky you got 10 hrs,when used on the app the camera is sleeping until it has activity,

Bumping this, as I’ve bought 2 for a trip and in my testing I’ve seen the same. The documentation does not detail that travel mode will eat a battery. Wouldn’t a camera marketed as being able to take camping or “traveling” explain this better?