Wish: Livestream to Facebook or Youtube

Would like to live stream to Facebook (my own personal page and/or to a group that I’m a member of)
and / or
Live stream to YouTube

This has been mentioned before in these forums, but apparently no one has ever officially asked for it, so that’s what I’m doing.
I would think this would be a must desired feature, since it would be invaluable to be able to view the Wyze stream from either Facebook Live or YouTube Live.

Im suprised that there isnt a share to fb option on all cameras.
Even a share live feed option. This way you have a wedding but Grandma and a few Aunts cant come. But you can set up your cam to see the occation so what ever Family cant be there , they still can if there was a share to face book live cam option…
Also I wanted to share that you have a cam on sale for 19.99. I shared a pic of the advertisement. Posted it into a group where I see moms ask for baby sitters, stating they have no family in the area. I express the important of being able to look in at the room or rooms they put the camera or cameras in when having strangers watch your children. I pointed out its only 20 bucks and other ways it can be used. But i had no way to brag about the picture quality unless i did a screen shot.
I bought a double pack of v3 s on black friday. and a doorbell. But didnt open till christmas. But now i have 2 v3s 4 os 20.00 dollar ones. A finger print door lock, a doorbell . And am looking into other items.
I think having the share live feed on fb would be a great advetisement for your product. Plus a share vidio clip to fb. If someone in the area trys to break in, people share their video to see if people know the person. That is what made me love the video door bells. Helps catch the bad guy.
Once someone trys your camera its more likely they will buy many more products.

It seems Wyze is testing a feature that live streams a cam on YouTube.

IG post with more info


Oh yeah, that is pretty cool, and they did say they hope to make it available in the future, I didn’t notice that until you mentioned it:

Most people do this kind of thing with RTSP. I wonder what Wyze is using to do this? WebRTC? I know that’s what they use to stream to Google and Alexa Displays. That would be a cool option to be able to stream to youtube easily, such as for people watching a bird nest or various things like that to share.


Try wz_mini_hacks…this is built-in.

wz_mini_hacks: wz camera mods