Wireless sd card use?

Just realized I post this in the wrong forum, since it isn’t really support just a question.

While I’m waiting for my new v2 WyzeCam’s to arrive later this month, I was wondering if anyone has tried using a wireless sd card with the camera? Something like the Toshiba Flashair 32gb? If I read it right those would work on my wifi, and I could just connect to a ip address, and transfer recordings over to my pc. Then on my nas server I could setup a daily copy job and archive daily videos out.



I used to play with one of the early products capable of doing it - Eye-Fi.

Since there was no Linux version of the vendors’ software, I used
GitHub - dgrant/eyefiserver2: A standalone Eye-Fi server in Python, for Linux instead. Worked pretty good,
if you aske me. Only tried photos thought, but I can’t imagine why
it wouldn’t work for video files - the cam only sees a SD card, nothing else.
The transfer is done by the SD-card.

You probably can’t stream via it, but any video or photo file not currently
open should be transmittable.

Depending on your NAS, you could send the file(s) straight there,
without involving your PC.