Anyone use a wireless sd card in cameras?

Seems like this question was asked quite a few years ago, but no real answers I could find. Has anyone tried using a wireless sd card such as Toshiba wireless flash air in any of the camera models? Seems like there might be interference with network or maybe read write speeds of card. I can understand why it may not be “supported”, but if it works it would sure be a convenient “feature”. Thanks

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At least the Toshiba wireless flash air that you mentioned is a full size SD card - not a uSD card as required by the Wyze cameras, so I dare say it would not fit. I don’t know if there is a uSD version.


Doesn’t seem to exist but after searching this is the most interesting related product…

I’ve been using sd card ‘extension cables’ for a long time on my v2’s. Originally I saught them as a way to swap cards without messing up the camera aim.

(NOTE: I haven’t seen a single one work right in V3 cameras yet. V3’s don’t detect the cards)

But I soon noticed that many of them allow you to insert a full size sd card into one end of the cable, and plug into a microsd “jack” on the other end. And I cam verify I’ve done exactly that with sd plain old memory cards with no problems.

So I suspect these wireless sd cards would work the same in a wyze with one of these cables as they would in any other device.

There is a philosophical/data science problem with that type of product though. Filesystems aren’t real. The files that we think of as being “on an sd card”, aren’t on the card until the card is unmounted, or the cache is manually fully flushed. And key parts of the filesystem are stored in kernel memory on the computer the sd card is inside of. All the card really has is a linear array of blocks, NOT FILES. And those blocks only have meaning to the kernel who mounted them.

If an SD card was sentient itself, it can not take for granted that it can simply read its own blocks and see (uncorrupted) files. But that’s exactly what these products try to do. Because they run their own kernels and their own server software to serve those files out.

Concurrently allowing multiple kernels to access the same (writable) filesystem at the same time is not a trivial affair. It quickly causes corruption of filesystems unless some esoteric hardware and software are implemented to manage locking and split brain failures (tie breaking) and stonith. Even in enterprise environments you really ought to have more than two servers if you attempt this, and an odd number, so no matter how the group is partitioned by some error, the resulting partition members can be confident they are in the majority or not.So these sorts of wireless sd cards, I wouldn’t count on working properly on a regular basis. I’d give it a 70-80% confidence at best.

To do it right would cost so much that it would be way cheaper to buy more featureful cameras than wyze to accomplish the same thing.

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A. Your cable extender idea sounds like genius for this request.

B. I don’t entirely understand your hesitance about the stability of the file system on the card. With the major caveat that I’ve not used these, the primary use case seems to be a camera or printer writing to the card and a subsequent wireless upload getting performed. (Really no different from any other file share.) Few people seem to use the WiFi to write to the card - not even sure they support this - so I’m not clear how your integrity concerns are a valid worry?

I didn’t realize that I needed a uSD (I haven’t a card in my v2’s) , and I know I haven’t seen one on the market, but neither did I know about the cable extender, which is really ideal for many other applications I could use it for. As for the file system discussion, that was very much above my pay grade., but appreciated as if this doesn’t work I can come back and read your warning. As you give it a maybe 80% chance of working, I think I’d be willing to give it a try. I can always use the cable for my 3d printer and the wireless card will work in my cameras. I thank you all for your quick responses and suggestions and will wait for a couple days for any others that might have tried this, then order my components and test it out. Hopefully I’ll remember to come back and report, Also thanks BillyCroan for the V3 warning…

Thanks, this thing has very interesting possibilities. Not quite for what I was looking for, but rather a bonus device never knew existed and will save for later.

Just to be clear I don’t think it had an 80% chance of working. I think it will work “80% of the time” at best. That means one in five times you try to use it I think you’re going to have some form of bad experience. Maybe you can just refresh to get past that or maybe you’ll need to wipe and reformat the card to get past that and lose all your video in the process. I wouldn’t pay more than $40 for one, but if I had one for free or $10, if I’d try it out sure.

There was a project on GitHub that supposedly you can drop some file on your SD card and it will start an SSH server and you can connect in and get your files off through the processor and the wise cam itself. If this works it will work 100% of the time I bet.

Well it seems the wifi enabled sd cards have gone by the wayside or are ridiculously priced. But I will give the GitHub a look see. Thanks so much for your help and suggestions.

What usb cable extender? I was looking or wireless micro sd card a few days ago. But they dont exist. Someone said usb extender? Can you name a product?

On the subject of an extender working, er/ah NOT working in a V3, I tried at least 5 different ones from Amazon. None would work.

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BillyCroan any chance you recall the Github project? All I’ve found are RPI projects. Not sue what ever happened to these wifi enabled cards, I had the old EyeFi card that worked well in my camera years ago, then they quit supporting it for some reason. And it seems Toshiba cards have disappeared as well. I have ordered the LANMU Micro SD to SD Card Male to Female Extension Cable Adapter hoping to find the project or card (cheap) that might make this work. Thanks for your helpful insights.

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I ordered this one, but haven’t tried it out yet, and understand the v3 doesn’t seem to work with extenders or sd cards??, only older versions. LANMU Micro SD to SD Card Male to Female Extension Cable Adapter (amazon) others here have better recommendations that have been tried

@notgrayt have you had a chance to try the extension on the v3?

I bought a uSD card extended that will ultimately be used on a Raspberry Pi, but I tried it on a V3 and sure enough, would not work.

I was not able to get it to work on V3 either…

Is there a reason those things are not working?

You put the song an SD card and it adds a bunch of features to your wyze cam

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