Wireless Outdoor Cam

outdoor cam not recording in low to no light

Did you put the setting for night vision to Auto and the IR lights on ? The IR light work well if they have something to shine on or reflect off of.

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Thank You Antonius for taking the time to comment. I have had everything set to what you suggests - this issue started when it got very cold out and after I received an email about Cam Plus Lite.

It does not get real cold where I live, maybe 32*F in the morning. I put cam plus lite on all my outdoor cams about 2 weeks ago. I seem to have fewer events at night but that maybe be just that the critters are hiding out ? I still do get night time events, just not as many.

Last night it was minus 15 with a minus 35 wind chill. I did adjust both my outdoor cams detection sensitivities to to 100%, one is working at night the other one doesn’t. The one not working doesn’t have the same amount of light around it as the working one. I’m going to add another LED motion detecting light by it and cross my fingers.

I have an old dual Halogen motion light on the side of the house and a dual LED Motion light in the front. Petronella Possum made the Halogen light come on last night.