Outdoor Cam ; Question about IR lights and video recording

Questions; I’m trying to use the Outdoor Cam to TNR some feral cats in out neighborhood and I’m running into a few issues but not sure if they are normal.

When I had it away from the base station it would record a picture for each event on the SD Card but it wasn’t recording the 12 second video I was expecting. I didn’t see any options for enabling or disabling that:
Question : Should the outdoor cam be recording 12 second videos when it detects motion when not connected to the base station?

When I had it in travel mode and was connecting to it so I could see the video; even when I forced night mode on, the IR lights wouldn’t stay on. Most of the time they would flash on, then turn off. It was still in night mode because when I set the lighting it off it was black. But it just wouldn’t keep the IR lights on ( again they would flash on and then turn off )
Question : Should the outdoor cam in travel mode, in night mode, with the IR light switch on in the settings keep the IR lights on? Is there a way to force the IR lights on?

I did do some searches, but didn’t seen anything directly related the above. I’m in the beta program and I believe the cams all have the latest firmware.