Wireless microphone

Wireless microphone systems like Rode wireless are getting competition from cheaper (but effective) competitors, like Kimafun. However, the Kimafun is lacking in quality as I will detail below.

These mics (lapel or headsets) are so much more effective for higher quality recording (youtubers, fitness, dance, other instruction) or even a zoom call. I have the unidirectional kimafun as seen here (Wireless Fitness Microphone Review (KIMAFUN KM-G100-1 VS. Sennheiser), DIY Film Pro Quality Videos! - YouTube) and it is awesome at not picking up outside noise. It currently retails on amazon for about $60, but doesn’t have the finish or polish of your Wyze products (like the headphones I’m wearing now). We use it for dance instruction, commentating videos, or for voice over recordings for education.

Kimafun - effective, but poor hardware quality + poor battery life + poor comfort. Functional, but this isn’t going to hold up!
Rode - expensive
Others - like Rode - very expensive.

At the $50-75 price point I think there is room for a much higher quality hardware product, with better battery life, and more comfort. I’m not a pro youtuber, but have found this mic helpful but I can tell it wont last long and the limited battery life is annoying. I’m sure a little more digging or consultation with more pro youtubers and people that use this daily would be a great place to explore for other features or accessories to bundle with this product.

Voted. Meanwhile this seems well reviewed for $28…


Thank you. This exemplifies the classic lavilier system in that it requires a cord to a unit that you place your body. Usually they have rechargeable or replaceable batteries. However, the kimafun doesn’t have this extra dangling cord that get’s in the way if you are a dance or fitness instructor. Again, though, the kimafun, lacks in hardware quality and comfort. There are many that have just gone to the airpods because they do pretty good from what it sounds like, but the unidirection microphone on the kimafun (no need to cancel) just tends to not pick up outside sounds so it is much cleaner. Plus airpods (and similar) are very expensive!

I quite like my tiny $30 Bluetooth earbuds (POP Design) so I went to test how they would work in your application.

Turns out to be stupidly difficult to activate Android Bluetooth microphones other than for voice calls.

I finally found a decent solution, open source from the F-Droid repository. It’s named just “Audio Recorder” but its web site is https://gitlab.com/axet/android-audio-recorder