Wireless cameras (outdoor) are totally worthless

Please explain to me how it’s “helpful” for a camera that’s supposed to be there to monitor activity, just STOP recording long before the duration end time? Vehicle pulls into driveway next to my shop, I get a notification, but can’t see if anyone got out of the vehicle or anything, because it only recorded for 12 seconds out of the 60 seconds that it’s set for.

Having these cameras is really a complete waste of time, money, and effort. I have 4 total, and 95% of the time they don’t trigger until someone is walking back away from the camera, so I get videos of the backs of people only. Then on top of that they will not record for the full duration of time they’re set for, so even if the person turned around and came back, the camera is already off.

I only have a limited number of locations to mount the cameras to actually “view” the areas I want. I’ve tried every setting adjustment, moving the cameras up and down, different locations, always the same results. Between this crap and the thermostat I have that hasn’t functioned on wifi in 9 months, it seems the only thing wyze does ok at is their plugs, and even those are very limited since you’re only allowed one on/off event per day on each plug.


Get the v3’s

They operate on a pixel algorithm

And you can insert a micro sd card for 24/7 recording to not miss an event

With the battery cameras , you’re really limited

Kind of limited, you can put Cam Plus on a WCO and record videos as long as motion continuous or you can use Cam Plus Lite and combine it with scheduled event recording to the SD in the cam up to a 5 Minute duration for each video with no cooldown time . The cam will record as long as motion continues up to the 5 min time limit. You can continuous record also if you want to kill the battery in about 6 hours. :sweat_smile: Oops! there goes the garbage truck. :rofl:


I have cam plus on these cameras. But a vehicle pulling up is going to STOP before someone gets out, so there’s going to always be a pause in motion being detected. Why they think there’s any benefit to stopping recording the instant motion stops, when a whole vehicle is in frame, is beyond me. Don’t even get me started on how often they don’t even pick up my giant self, 6’4" and 250 lbs, walking right past them, and I get no notification. Drive by one on a golf cart or bike, in view for 4 or 5 seconds, and am usually lucky to catch a glimpse of me just leaving the frame. How often does it miss people or things that aren’t mine? Do theives move really slowly and wave their arms around as they’re heading to break into a door? Not like you could ID anyone with those grainy videos anyway. Unless you’re standing 5 feet away looking directly at the camera, it’s crap.

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For best performance, make sure you walk across the camera view, rather than towards it. Try adjusting its placement. It’s not perfect, but it has to conserve battery. If you have power, the v3 is much better.

Yeah, sure I’ll just put them on a post in the middle of the yard :roll_eyes: it’s not possible to place them anywhere that catches cross traffic while also being aimed at what I want to see. Also no way to power them with a/c

Adding onto what @Rulwiz mentioned above, the WCO v1 & v2 only operate as passive infrared (PIR), My understanding is that this essentially limits the motion detection zone to the southern hemisphere of the black oculus rather than to the entire visible field of view.

Can you re-aim the cam on the existing mount to fit the area you want to monitor within the blue shaded “PIR Effective Area”

Hate to say it, but I do believe there is a subplot with WCO to incentivize folks towards cam plus… which in this case you already have. Not exactly a good promo for a paid add-on subscription :man_shrugging:t2:

From the video of the garbage truck above that is 50 feet from the WCO.
The red line is where the face of the camera is pointing at the white SUV to the left. The writing on the truck says Green Waste Recycling . :upside_down_face:
PIR ZONE: All below the yellow line.

And don’t forget about Gavin the !@#$%^* Rat who doesn’t like any of his snacks in the traps.


I’m sorry this is simply not true. The outdoor camera makes a great football for raccoons. We have video footage here of them running and playing with it. Right? hhmm, right?


I am not happy with the purchase I made at all. I bought base set. Camera and base station. In the move I lost the base station. I bought a new base set. Camera and base station. So now 2 cameras and a base station. This is V2. Can’t get base station to read cards no matter what size or format. Batteries last such little time. If you want cameras to actually pickup something that is not right in front of the camera then battery goes quick. I don’t even know why I try to see motion 40ft out as I can’t see replay.anyway. I am totally not happy with them.

With the $140ish I could have bought the powered V3’s with solar. I guess I will try to sell on an auction site.

So your saying the camera only works properly in the “zone of the southern hemisphere”?

No wonder I’m having issues.

I live in the northern hemisphere.

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They meant the southern hemisphere of the black circle on the front of the cam. It doesn’t matter where you live.

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The powered v3s are a much better option, but they need power. Any battery powered camera is going to be very limited since it has to last. If you have a power source, use the plug in cams always. They are just better.

A solar panel wont work with a plug in cam like the v3, it only works on the WCO. I do highly recommend a solar panel for the WCO though, it will stay at 100% battery pretty much forever if you get enough sun.

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