Second/follow up motion

I installed the outdoor camera on a tree opposite the garage door for 2 reasons, to monitor the garage/package delivery, and to monitor AirBnB guest arrival, and a 3rd is to offer vehicle security for guests. I went ahead and paid the subscription. I’ve been very happy overall, particularly vs. the Arlo cams I have. BUT, an issue I do have is Wyze cam not catching motion events following an initial events. What I mean is, when it records a guest vehicle arrival or delivery truck arrival, it doesn’t then catch the next motion of people. I could extend recording time to a minute or whatever, but most of the time that would just eat battery unnecessarily. I don’t know why it doesn’t capture the next motion of people. When a delivery truck arrives it captures the truck, but not the person and package. What I’m afraid is going to happen is a car is going to pull up to steal a package or break into a guest’s car and I’ll get the vehicle bonnet but not the thief. I find no setting to correct this. What am I missing?

Try adjusting your cool down period to the desired time.

With the wyze cam outdoor there is a cool down so once an event happens the camera will not capture the next event until the cool down time has been reached. This ranges from no cool down to 5 minutes. Where I believe 5 minutes is the default.

Similar to the extended recordings, the lower the cool down the more battery consumption.


Found it. Thanks! Lowered to 30 seconds. We’ll see how that does.

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