Outdoor Cam Truncating Footage

My camera is mounted above my garage door and captures any cars or people as far out as the middle of the street. The problem I’m having is when a truck stops at my driveway, FedEx, the camera stops recording when it doesn’t detect motion (driver retrieving package from the back of the truck), but recording doesn’t immediately resume when new motion is detected (driver walking up the driveway). It happens on all my outdoor cameras - it’s more common with this one because there’s a lot more activity.

I have Plus with event cool down off. I’ve tried the sensitivity/detection settings to anything between 75% - 100%, and it’s also set to continue recording for 2 minutes (doesn’t need more than 1 minute). Signal strength is strong.

These things aren’t difficult to program/fix. The logic is simple, If no motion detected, wait xSeconds before recording stops or such.

I have about 8-12 Wyze cameras - 3 different models. There’s an issue with each model that I’ve reported and isn’t resolved over two years. I understand there may be kinks they need to iron your out, but I am of the belief that you should work out bugs in your products before introducing more. It’s difficult enough now to get support and resolution. The difficulty grows exponentially as new products are released.

I want to like Wyze cameras; otherwise I wouldn’t have bought so many. But, as I report more problems with no response or resolution, my enthusiasm diminishes.

One more note to Wyze, please make your app more user friendly by not using acronyms or industry specific terms such as “Wyze AI Events” vs “All other motion events.” What’s the difference??? Or, what the hheck is “PIR Effective Area?”

Thank you.