Recording begins after the fact

Every “event” I get and view is always the delivery person walking away from my house and never to my house. The person is always in my recording zone but it doesn’t begin recording until they walk away. I would like the recording to begin when the person enters the zone. Not when they are walking away. Can someone please tell me if I’m doing something wrong, or please tell me what I need to do to trick or to start recording sooner?

The Wyze Cam Outdoor is slower because it has to wake up from a low power state when motion is detected. A couple of seconds of delay is probably unavoidable, which is not a good combination with a fast moving deliverer. Consider getting a line powered camera if feasible.


Wow I didn’t think of that. Makes sense. Thanks for the info. Gotta rethink my set up now. Thanks again for the quick reply.

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Also, the outdoor cams detect motion better when it most horizontally across the detections zone, versus straight on. If you can reposition it so the delivery person is say, entering the zone from the left and your door being on the right, it may be more useful as well.


Wow that also makes perfect sense. That’s what I’m gonna try first. Thanks for the info and suggestion.

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