Wired doorbell motion detection 100% problems, anyone else?

Anyone having problems with the motion detection on their wired doorbell cam? Some support people tell me there is a problem with their latest firmware and other support people say there is no problem with the firmware.

I’ve selected Only about 20% of the screen for the motion detection zone and there are no trees, or shadows in those zones (it’s windy where I am so trees and tree shadows set my cams off if in the detection zone). Meanwhile, I get alerts like 5 alerts of motion an hour when there is clearly no motion in the zone allotted for detection. Like 5 an hour. But, when someone walks through that zone, it never detects a person walking through. The only time it detects a person is if they get within like 18 inches of the camera. Any more than that and it won’t detect the person.

Anyone else having problems and have any insight into fixing this?
Also, just curious but does anyone know if the motion detection is calculated (meaning pixel change calculations) in the cloud or on the actual doorbell itself?
Thanks in advance for any help on this.

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The short answer: Yes. Many have experienced issues as a result of the previous VDBv1 firmware updates. If you take a look at the FW Update Release Notes history for the doorbell, you will see that the last two updates had to be halted at some point.

However, not everyone experienced the same symptoms which has made it harder to pinpoint the source. Some have Detection Zone issues, Some have Live Stream load issues, Some have both, Some have none.

My Detection Zone was affected. Here is my post on my experience:

If you would like to read MANY posts detailing users’ experience with the doorbell, @SunSparc has put together a comprehensive list of the majority of the topics:


Yes. Mine has been a saga. Out of the box I got the wrong qr code message. After a dozen tries it connected. Now a year and something later it won’t allow me to view videos, error code 09. And it is really slow to show me live video and misses most motion events. I’ve sent logs,chatted,emailed,attempted to call. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I deleted the camera and spent anothe hour with the damned wrong qr code problem. It still won’t show cloud videos. The chat person said give it 5 hours, that was several days ago. I cancelled cam plus and am replacing all wyze cameras.