Window View

Hi -

Apologies if this has been or is being addressed in this forum already. Wondered if anyone has had success attaching camera to a window for outdoor views and if so, how was the nighttime glare eliminated?

We are restricted from having outdoor security cameras and I have been trying to think of a solution for viewing my property. The windows are double-paned.

For any responses to this question. please note that I am a somewhat tech-savvy but certainly not fluent :^)

Thank you for your assistance.


You can point the camera outside and turn off night mode, but you will need sufficient lighting outside. The IR LED illuminators reflect off glass and there’s no way around that short of disabling the LEDs.

Wyze has indicated that they will at some point make an option available to turn off the LEDs but let night mode remain on. This would allow you to place your own independent IR illuminator outside (if your restrictions allow). No word on when this might happen.

Other than that, people have tried covering the LEDs or even opening the camera to disable them. Your mileage may vary.

Others have found some pretty clever ways to disguise the camera outside so perhaps your association/landlord would not become aware of their presence.

Thank you. Will try out your recommendations.