Will You EVER stop asking us to AGREE to your terms & Privacy!

Why bother to ask me to Agree in the Wyze App when it pop up forever!

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I don’t have a definite answer(because I’m not a Wyze employee) , but the policy can be updated sometimes and you need to agree to the update(s).
It doesn’t pop-up too frequently for me how often do you see this?

Hello, @rcelfit

This was happening to me several times a day since the terms had been updated recently, but only on one of our Android devices (Samsung Tablet). It only asked once on 2 - Samsung S7s and 2 - S10s.

For that reason I decided to investigate further. The S7s/S10s had the Android App version 2.16.23, but the tablet only had v2.12.29 (and, yes… tech support [me] pays less attention to the tablet).

I updated the tablet yesterday to the current version and since then, it only asked us to agree to the terms once as it would normally do.

I’d recommend that you check your app version and update it if necessary.

Let us know if it helped with your situation or not.

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