WyzeCam app - policy acceptance pop-up won't go away


For the past few days, every time I open the app on my Android phone, I get the updated policy pop-up, prompting me to “agree”. EVERY TIME!

Is there no way to agree ONCE?! Super annoying!

Not sure what brought this on - I have not updated the app (Sorry, Wyze - I check occasionally and the latest version still have live view in slow motion (i.e. every real-life second takes approx. 2 seconds, so “live” view is not very “live”), I have not updated the cameras.

This happens on all my Android phones and tablets, regardless of the Android version they run.

What gives?

How is the space on your phone? Have you rebooted it?

Plenty of space, reboot regularly.

This happens on all my Android devices - regardless of the Android version, by the way.