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Does anybody know why everytime I go to view my app for V2 outdoor cams . I have a pop up stating New Terms. I click on agree it goes away. But next time I go to view it’s there once again.
Annoying just started happening this week.

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I believe you have an old app. What app version are you on? Update your app and it should go away.

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if I update, I cannot play events and wyze App just crash/freeze.

No thank you

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Hmm, is this a trend / pervasive issue?

I have not reached out to support in a while and no longer know how to reach them (other than calling), hence my posting here. The issue came out of the blue - as explained in the initial post, I did not update the app, I did not update the hardware. All of a sudden - everything single time I open the app on any of my Android devices, I get the pop-up. I tried scrolling through the T&C’s and the privacy policy - there is no “agree” or “accept” button, so it is back to the pop-up that prompts me to hit “agree”. EVERY TIME.

That’s probably true since I’m getting the same thing. Unfortunately the fix (update the app) is worse than the problem. :frowning_face:

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Very likely just one more example of Wyze not properly testing their software changes before implementation. Sad, very sad…

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It is Wyze server polling app version and then give you an dose of irritant.

Wyze, fix your app if you wants me update.

I have compiled a list of all the posts in here and some info from Core and am sending it up the ladder. So far I’ve seen this most prominent on older versions of the app. For those that have this persistent popup, if you change the in app marketing notifications, does that help if you don’t want to upgrade your app? Also in you can post your app versions with feedback please. Thanks! This is just for the information I am putting together on this, and to note, the official Support channels is an option always. :slight_smile:. Thanks in advance!

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Android app: V2.15.51

All push notifications are turned off.

Android version 9 (phone), 10 (tablet)

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Thanks for the info. The next app version after yours adds some ability to control “marketing message in app notifications”. Thinking out loud but I wonder if the new tos messages are looking for that function, and when not seeing it, spamming the heck out of the folks. Hmm…


First it was the gray screen lockup and now have the same “Updated Terms” and agree issue. Each time the Wyze app is used one has to ‘once again’ agree!!

Using a Samsung Galxey Tab A - SM T510 tablet with App version 2.11.40 and camera firmware

It may be time to put all of the Wyze gear in storage and expand the use of the commercial NVR with 6 TB storage and cameras. Since its install there have been zero issues with the 24 x 7 recording with no 5 minute black out times. Yes, it is a lot more expensive but but would rather trade reliability for Wyze with its bag of continuous issues.


If you update your app, you won’t have “Updated Terms” issues.

unfortunately, my device won’t play events and freeze.

I have a box full of viewing devices that exhibit the same problems with most current video applications. As time goes on, applications can’t or won’t support old hardware and operating system versions even though the application’s minimum required specs say otherwise. At some point, we give in and upgrade hardware to accommodate software.

You are correct.

Problem is I want a brand name 7 inch tablet with very thin side bezel (not Fire Tablet).

So far, Have not found one yet. Nvidia haf one I like but same no more update.

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Yeah the Fires have very chunky bezels. Maybe one of the larger newer phones/phablets would do the trick. Or consider a convertible laptop, Surface, Chromebook, etc.

Kind of going off topic here, but Costco has the 2019 Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0" 32GB on sale for $109.99. It runs Android 10 and is supported to at least Android 11. Not sure how much you want to spend. Same tablet is at Best Buy, Target, Office Depot, etc. for $119.99. We run a few of these and also 2 of the 10.1" 128GB version. They display a group of 4 cams in landscape mode really well. Sounds like you need to get a hands-on 1st though to test ergonomics.


I have not upgraded since 2.4.82. Reason: since that particular version, I have NOT seen live view working properly. Regardless whether “hardware decoder” is enabled or not, live view is in slow motion in SD/HD, and the lag is so bad in less than a minute that I doubt the feed should be called “live”. Sticking to 2.4.82 until I hear the problem has been fixed. BTW - yes, I tested with a number of Android devices, Android versions, even ISPs. Version 2.4.82 - no lag, no issue. Anything newer - slo-mo. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :angry: :rage:

Same problem here, except I have an “agree” button that I hit every time. Still pops up again next time I open the app. Firmware is up to date. Annoying.