Will the power cords to a Wyze Cam fit in between a window and a window screen?

Hi, Im thinking on buying a Wyze Cam OG. (Maybe the Wyze cam V3 if I change my mind.) Anyway, if I buy one of them, will the power wire be able to fit in between a window and a window screen without damaging the wire? Btw, I don’t open the window very often. (Example shown in a YouTube video I found)

That depends mostly on the window and high tightly it seals. I have run flat cables through windows, but I have also seen windows that would cut the cable the first time the window was closed.

It appears you are asking about “between the window and the window frame”, not the “window screen”.

I have had at least one camera operating like this for probably 3 years without any issue.

My windows and frame are wood (I would not recommend it with metal, should work with plastic). The power is on the inside and the camera is on the outside, avoiding issues with the infrared lights. Works beautifully, no problem (apart from insects of course).

Since the OEM cable is flat, it’s pretty easy to thread it carefully, i don’t open that window. That’s all.