Will SmartLock work on Metal Security SCREEN doors

Looking at the online information for the new SmartLock.
The problem I always have with these retrofit locks is they do not work well with Metal Screen security doors. They are fine when the inside of door is flat and solid but usually security screen doors are slightly raised around the lock area so the back of the lock is a small distance away from the door itself.
I cannot tell what the material is on the back of the lock. If it is solid metal there too then this might still work. Some locks are open in the back or a plastic material and neither would be good next to a screen metal door where the elements can get to it.

I had seen the video before and it did not really show the back of the lock or how it would act on a metal screen door or if it was designed for use in an outdoor type environment. Even though the door is on the house and the inside is somewhat protected I have had issues with moisture still getting in since it is a metal screen with holes in it.

I’ll let you know. I am going to try it on my metal security door which has a deadbolt already. If it doesn’t work, I’ll move it to the main door or the garage entry.

Of course, it might not be delivered this decade so it could be a wait.

As far as metal goes I would say no problem. It’s not waterproof however so outdoors may be an issue. If you are unsure I would call first.

I thought about putting a piece of plexiglass or wood between the mesh and the lock mechanism due to this. Will decide when I get the lock in the mail.