Keypad for lock... magnetize?

I have a wyze lock - one of the very first ones. often the auto unlock does not work. i’m thinking about a keypad. for various reasons, there is no place i can screw the keypad to anything. BUT my actual door is metal. Could I mount a magnet on the back of the keypad and attach it to the door that way?

  1. would putting a magnet on the back screw up the working of the keypad?
  2. does the keypad work with the original lock or does it need a newer one
  3. assume i am not worried about someone just walking off with it, is there anything else i should consider here?


I put mine on the doorframe ( semi protected from most weather) using 3m command strips and haven’t had any issues at all. maybe that would work in your case as well.

to your points,

#1 I dont believe it would have any effect but you could test it before you mount it.
#2 the keypad works with any of the Wyze locks.

3 if you choose to use the magnet, keep in mind, if it is in a condition that is in direct sunlight for long times of the day or another setting that gets quite hot, it can actually cause demagnetization. And also depending on the magnet, wind could take the keypad down. Just a few things to consider. I would trust velcro or 3M command strips and give them a shot if the conditions are right.

not sure why number three bolded but I cant turn it off…sorry about that. silly discourse.

No direct sunlight or wind (it’s in a condo hallway). But the command strip is a fabulous idea. Thank you for the extra info. Just ordered me up a keypad - I already have the command strips.

Thanks so much!