Wyze Lock keypad-Where to place it?

I just got my Lock & Keypad. Is the keypad to be installed on the front of the door, to use to unlock the deadbolt when we come in ?


Yes the keypad is so you can unlock the door with a code you set from outside the home.

Best practice is to mount it outside the door you have the lock on in your desired location

As such


Thanks for your reply.

Now I have one more issue. I am not able to open the back panel of the lock to install it on the door. Any suggestions / video on how to open it?

I tried pressing the small level available on top of the back black panel, but still it is not coming out.

Please advise


Been awhile since I installed mine but if I guess which panel you are talking about it’s magnetic and should just pull right off. I might be able to assist a little more if you can show me a pic of what you are talking about.

Or there is this as well.