New Bolt Lock Keypad

Does anyone know if I can buy just the keypad from the Bolt Lock kit? I already have the internal deadbolt lock and i would like to add the new external keypad.

Nothing is sold separately. It would also be hard to use just the keypad without the indoor side of it since that is the part that holds the batteries and possibly other stuff. I am not completely confident about the metal deadbolt piece itself, maybe you could modify it to use one already there, though I wouldn’t recommend it for most people. Seems like a lot more effort to try to keep a piece that nobody is ever going to see.

For the most part, I would say no you can’t buy and use pieces of the deadbolt separately. If you want to keep most of your existing setup, then the original Wyze lock is better for that, but it is sadly not as cool looking on the outside and doesn’t have a fingerprint reader.