Wyze Lock for double cylinder deadbolts

I’ve been looking for a smart lock that can be used on a metal security door with bars. Because someone could reach through the bars and unlock a single cylinder deadbolt, a double cylinder deadbolt is required. Please consider developing another version of the new Wyzelock that could be used with double cylinder deadbolts. I think there would be a huge market as I haven’t found one yet.

@TearoseAlb I would suggest you look into a product called Level Lock. It’s new but it would most likely accomplish what you would want when it’s officially announced.

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Thanks. Where would I find it? When will it be released?

@TearoseAlb It’s already shipping out to people who pre-ordered so I imagine it will be officially released in a couple weeks. You can sign up for their email campaign and get an invite. You can buy it at level.co.

I need the double cylinder deadbolts also because the top half of my doors are glass. If someone broke the window out they could reach in and unlock it. My deadbolts are keys on both sides. Maybe they could put a red light for locked and green light for open. I’d like two of these.

This appears to only work with single cylinder deadbolt.

Medeco deadbolts are all designed like double-cylinder locks. Very secure but as of yet not on the list of supported locks. I hope the modifications to the WYZE lock to support it.

Wyze Lock Double Cylinder Compatible

April is Autism awareness month PLEASE make a smart lock that is double cylinder compatible. Also for anyone that has a child with special needs reach out to your local county or their care coordinator to enquire if products that are used for safety ( cameras or placing a sensor on the door ) is covered under available funds for your child.
#elopement awareness

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