Will my wyze pan cam work with lift master garage door opener workout wyze controller

I use use my q app with lift master garage door opener. Since wyze controller is out of stock, I was looking to activate camera when door opens

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I don’t think there is much you need to take care of this. You can set the Wyze Camera to record/alert on motion, which the Garage Door opening and closing will trigger.

Unless you are looking for more?

There is no integration with My Q in the Wyze App.
I don’t think Alexa can accomplish this as there is no routine/rule to record in Alexa.
Not sure about Google Home, HA, or other services.

I think one of my fellow volunteers @spamoni had/has a My Q and may be able to offer more insight.

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Sadly Chamberlain Group (MyQ) recently made the decision to ban access to their API from all (most) third-party access. There was a big uproar over it because they used to allow it, so people bought MyQ products knowing it would work with other things, and then after people bought it because it worked with other things, Chamberlain then took away that functionality and prevent people from being able to use it anymore. So people have been ditching them in droves in protest of taking advantage of their monopoly-like market share. :man_shrugging:

Your best option is to just leave the Wyze camera turned on in the garage. It will automatically record when the garage door opens because it will detect motion. When it detects motion, you can have it send you a notification. Older cams will even upload a short cloud event, and most of the Wyze cameras will record the full event to a MicroSD card.

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