Wyze Camera motion trigger Alexa event (mighty mule garage light)

We have a Wyze Camera v.2 in the garage. It currently sends notifications on motion.
We have a Mighty Mule Garage Door Opener and Alexa can turn on it’s light, open the door or both.

What I’d like to do is:
when motion is detected, turn on the Mighty Mule garage light for x minutes.

It seems simple enough, but I can’t figure out how. Do I need to use IFTTT?

Suggestions, help are greatly appreciated.

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To automate any non Wyze devices you need to use a 3rd party tool that supports both. I don’t know anything about mighty mule but I would suggest looking at IFTTT, Google Home, Alexa or whatever else you may have access to.


You could also use a SONOFF wifi relay and just attach it to your garage door in the same spot you connect your physical button, then set up the relay for “inching” in the app. I have just a regular old school garage door opener and that’s how I automated it, they are really cheap and work pretty well, I use Google Home, but they work with alexa and IFTTT as well. I also have it set up through IFTTT/or SmartThings to turn on my garage light when I open the door!

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