Wildly swinging bit rate

On one of my two V2 cameras the kb/s swings wildly from 120 to 0. It’s usually floating around 65 kb/s to 0. The camera is about two feet from the WIFI modem but gets only a 65% signal. I thought installing the new firmware would fix it but the problem continues. So, from this camera, I get staccato images and poor quality.
I am not at that location so physically reseting the camera or unplugging the camera and plugging it back in again is not possible.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

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It sounds like the WiFi connection is the issue. If the camera is literally 2 feet / 24 inches from the router it may be too close, or if it’s above or below the router it may be in an area of weak signal due to the antenna radiation pattern. Best practice is to position devices at least 5ft from the router to avoid “overpowering” the device.

If physical placement is the issue there isn’t much you can do remotely, although if your router allows you to adjust transmit power you could drop that down and see if the Wyze Cam signal quality improves.

You might also try changing the quality from HD to SD or 360p and see if it can maintain a smoother frame rate at a lower quality.

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If you’re using a beam-forming wifi radio, it may be too close to get a consistent signal. Sometimes you can get around this if there are external antennas on the access point. Change one to be perpendicular to the access point and the other to be inline (parallel) to the its box.

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