Orbi RBK50 & Wyze V2 WiFi Connection Pulsing

Currently have 10 Wyze cameras connected to my Orbi. 1 of those has pulsing connectivity in that when I go to see what is happening the connection starts between 50 - 100 kB/s. Then the speed increases and then it drops off to 0 kB/s all within a few seconds. Then wait a couple of more seconds and the speed goes back up and then back down again every time I try connecting. I see this happen with a couple of other cameras from time to time but not as often. I have the latest firmware versions on both the cameras and the orbi router and satellite and I reset all the cameras after the orbi rebooted. Anyone else have this issue? I am thinking I need another satellite but my home is 2400 sq ft and the orbi is rated for 5000. Any recommendations are appreciated.

Hello there @Crazy_Canuck.

Are you able to check the WiFi signal strength of the Wyze Cam in question? If its seems low and its pretty close to the router, it may be a faulty unit. Can you please let us know how it goes?

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Hi Kenner - The Wifi Signal (as seen on the camera information screen in the app) is always above 70%. I thought it might be a bad unit as well so I swapped out another working camera and encountered the same ‘rollercoaster’ effect. I posted this issue on the Netgear community site and they mentioned to check this. I did check and QoS is not selected on the Orbi configuration screens

This would indicate that these Cams have an issue the QoS and or WMM if encountering across more than one router model varient. Something the Camera Mfr should be looking into.

Something else I wanted to mention - I connected a netgear extender EX2700-NAS100 to my Orbi setup and then configured the camera to connect the extender. So now Wifi signal was 99% and I still encountered the issue.

This is super strange, can you try the cameras in a different location?

Let us know how it goes.

I have the same exact problem with all of my cameras. There is either a bug in the Wyze Cams or in the Orbi. If you google this error, you’ll see that a lot of other folks seem to be experiencing it as well.


Ok - I am not sure what happened but now the problem appears to have disappeared. I have checked all my cameras over the past 2 days and there has been no ‘rollercoastering’. For reference I am running Orbi firmware and Wyze firmware Unfortunately I did not document the firmware when the issue first appeared. I will continue to monitor but I have no explanation for why it is working now.