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This is my first post on this forum since accuquiring a Wize cam V3 unit. I purchased the camera for use at our front door and while the unit performs okay I am expecting a extremely annoying problem the nature of which is as follows.
When viewing the camera live the single fluctuates from a high of 141Kbs to a low of 52Kbs and that is quite okay, however; it will occasionally drop to 0:0Kbs resulting in the camera rebooting.
I find this extremely annoying especially when there is someone present at our front door. Consequently, I am seeking advice\suggestions on how I should proceed in order to resolve this issue. Any and all comments will be greatly appreciated.

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When this happens, the camera isn’t rebooting. Because the App looses the Peer to Peer (P2P) stream from the cam, it has to reestablish that stream thru the cloud. That is what you are seeing. It can’t buffer it, so it reinitiates the connection.

This is happening because of a WiFi network connection issue, either between the cam and the WiFi router, within the router’s network management protocols, between the phone and the router, or a combination of all three.

Make sure the cam has a good signal from the router. If possible, test the RSSI and insure that the value is as close to zero as possible. Repositioning the router or cam may be necessary.

In the router settings, turn of any QOS function. Most routers today are configured to give the 5GHz band priority and deprioritized 2.4GHz. This will cause the “Throttling” effect you are describing. Your phone, on 5GHz, is pulling priority from the router and the cam is being limited by the router to give the phone (or other streaming devices) more bandwith. Most newer routers are not friendly with devices on the 2.4GHz IoT band because they are optimized for the high speed 5 and 6 GHz bands. If you have the opportunity to prioritize your cam in the router, that will also help.

Sadly, I went thu several routers before I got a Mesh system that played nice with my 70+ IoT devices.


Hi SlabSlayer,
Thanks for timely response to my appeal for assistance with the issue I am having with my cam v3. The information you provided is extremely helpful and greatly appreciated.

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