WiFi Wyze plug

Terrible terrible terrible I used to love Wyze but not anymore. The product guarantee is only for one year and all the plugs works for one year after that will stop working the customer service is horrible I never buy any product from Waze anymore.

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Hello @nicknazarians

I am sorry you are experiencing some issues with your plugs. What time of issues are you having and what type of troubleshooting have you done so far?

I explain everything to the representative of Wyze . They said the plug is dead. Nothing we can do the blue light doesn’t turn on at all something happened to the plug. When I update the software it was working it was working fine before updating , I have a lot of Wyze product. I’m very disappointed I will not buy anything from Wyze products anymore. They said the warranties for one year so basically your product works for one year after that you have to throw it away.