Wifi virtual heat pump long harness (not a C wire thermostat)

My ac guy said the heat pump I have cannot be used correctly since the house doesn’t have wire from the furnace/ac inside to the outside compressor box. He said it would be very expensive to run another 50’ wire. I did expensive back in the 90s putting ethernet wires all over my previous house.

As I was looking at a $20 wyze camera at the time, I pondered who could fix that by producing a gadget that fits on an inside unit and outside unit with wifi carrying the various electronic signals. Not power. Just signal.

My ac guy said there could be a lot of money in that. Another guy from his company noticed my wyze cameras and said he loved his. I later messaged him about using BlueStack for a windows/android solution.

Since wyze has gotten it’s feet wet in the AC thermostat business, this solution to an expensive cable pull might be a winner.