Wifi Signal

So recently I was working on streamlining my network when i went to change the WiFi source on my Wyze cams. I realized that there is no way to do this without completely resting the camera which for me was a hassle having since i have two cameras situated outside. This unintentionally could become a problem for other users since in the future if the power goes out, in turn taking the network with it, if the modem and/or router resets itself, users will have to reset their cameras as well. is there any clarification, or something i missed somewhere?

Yes, to connect to a new WiFi network, the normal setup procedure is required. A power outage should not cause an issue as the WiFi should come back up as the same SSID that it was before. If the WiFi resets to factory defaults, of course the cameras won’t re-connect until you set the WiFi back to what it was before. Once you set the WiFi back to the intended settings, the cameras should re-connect just fine.

To add to that… If you do change the wifi network name and need to reset the camera to the new wifi, DO NOT delete the camera from the app first. Doing so will cause all the settings and cloud clips to be lost. Instead, just set up as a new camera and the app will merge it in with the existing one (based on MAC address) and retain the settings.


Having the ability to change SSID in the camera settings page would be nice feature though.