Wifi signal interrupted but reconnected

I have had my camera since July and is has been fantastic. However today, I believe there was a temporary connection lost to my house from my ISP, and at that time my Cam switched to a different network in my house that is too far away and too low of a signal so it couldn’t connect. Eventually it did switch back to the correct network so all good.

However, is there a way to change its wifi network in the app without physically resetting the camera?

I don’t believe there is, and as I have a case on mine this would a pain.

Has there been any discussion of adding this feature to the app?

If you want to reconfigure the camera to associate with a different WiFi network (i.e., change the SSID), you’ll have to reset the camera and set it up anew. However, you could change the SSID of your other base station (the one that’s further away from the camera) to something different. That would prevent the camera from trying to associate it with it if/when the base station that is close to the camera goes off the air.

However, it’s not at all clear why the loss of internet connectivity from your ISP would cause the camera to roam onto the different (more distant) base station. If the ISP had gone down, the ‘correct’ base station (the one close to the camera) would have continued to broadcast its beacon, and the camera would have stayed connected to it.


Thanks, and hopefully what happened is a one off for me.

There’s a #wishlist topic on this: Change WiFi Network Name (SSID) and password without device reset.

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