WiFi name changed, entire camera system now has to be reset?

So… our IT guy changed the name of the WiFi network, so now my base stations cannot connect. From what I’m told the ONLY way to fix this is to disassemble the entire camera system (two base stations, eight cameras) and take them to a third location so that I can connect them to the router and set up the ENTIRE system as new.

This is a HUGE design flaw. I don’t have a single smart device other than this that I can’t change the WiFi network without having to start completely from scratch.

At least, that’s what I gather from the absolutely horrible customer service and tech support. I’m hoping this is not the case, because I’m starting to think I should have gone a different route for outdoor surveillance.

Well the fast/easier way is to put the name of the wifi back so it matches the cameras wifi,so why did the guy change it? If you don’t use the old wifi then all your cameras will need to be re setup


Like @kae4560 said, unless there was a security reason for the ssid/password change, then change it back. I keep the same settings when I switch out equipment.

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Because the entire system was upgraded and decisions were made above my pay grade.

It’s a crappy design, though, that doesn’t allow for a non-destructive update. Add a simple Bluetooth receiver and let the app update the network settings. That’s what virtually every smart speaker maker does for set up and modification. My network should be be controlled by my security cameras.

So go and put the SSID back as before

Most consumer grade equipment has the same “flaw” with no Bluetooth or Ethernet or other backdoors. So I don’t know what you’re talking about when you claim your other smart devices survive an SSID change, unless they all have screen interfaces.

Since you work for a company and the IT person made this change, it should be incumbent on him or her to adjust the network attached camera equipment, not you. This was not a well handled change, apparently.


You should be able to just run the base station setup and add them back with the new SSID. You shouldn’t have to start as NEW. I know with the V2/V3/Pan cameras you just go to add new device and press the setup button on the camera and connect them to the new SSID.

Your answer is wrong someone is not telling you the truth,you can put the old SSID back or you will need to plug each base into your router,and then give each base the new SSID, then take it back and delete all cams from your app and re add them back…is the first opinion is the best,fastest

I agree, change the SSID back is the easiest. But to change to the new one

  1. Plug the Base station into an Ethernet cable.
  2. Go to Device Info on the Base station
  3. Enter your new Network logon info

I don’t understand why that would be necessary? They should be paired with the Base, and the Base was just given the new WiFi info. I don’t have an easy way to test tho.

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Oh right, good, I completely missed we’re talking about the WCO bases that do have Ethernet.