WiFi changes

How do I change the wifi network my cameras are accessing? I have created a network just for the cams and need to change the designation on the cams. I cannot find a way to access this on the cam app

You need to re-run the camera setup process.


I was hoping that was not the case. I’ll have to take them down all over our lot and re-do everything

But you do not need to delete it from your app. Your rules and triggers will remain intact.


You and everyone else. This is one of the Wish List items for the cams.


You could consider changing the name of the main network instead. Still a pain but might be easier overall.

Hi, I’m in a similar situation, I used to have both 2.4G and 5G bands on the same SSID but has to split them because the Doorbell Pro isn’t connecting.
If I have to reconnect everything, I’d have to reset each device and add it again correct? How am I not losing my triggers, rules etc…?

If you ever need to change an SSID and/or Password you don’t need to delete the device from your app. This is how your Rules and triggers are maintained. Simply go through the setup process by tapping on the Setup button and hearing ready to connect. During the process it will ask for your SSID and Password. Enter them and follow the steps. When done, your camera / doorbell will be available in your app using the selected SSID and Password.

When I do this, I also try to name it the same as it was. However, if you change the name, it will be reflected as such in your Rules etc.

Alexa is another story, if you named your device manually in Alexa, that name will remain as is.

Question on your statement about having one SSID for both 2.4 and 5 Ghz, what are you experiencing and what kind of router do you have? I have been using my Mesh network without issues or needing to separate the two. I will admit that the TPLink Deco’s have issues with Streaming and at times connectivity, I had the Deco P7 and most recently the x60’s. The P7’s I gave away and the x60’s are in my closet. I ended up going with the ASUS ZenWiFi setup and it has been performing quite well for me and some others who have switched as well.


Guess I should have said, If you delete the device from your app you will the rules.


Oh that is GREAT news! I’ll go ahead and do that, I also have a Sense Hub, switches etc… to transfer to that new SSID, I’m going to have a great day I’m sure :smiley:

For the 2.4G and 5G band on the same SSID, I ran into a really odd issue, and the support agent I contacted seems a bit lost (tells me it is supposed to work first, then tells me it is normal that it isn’t working ^^).

I have an Asus GT-AC5300. Initially running both 2.4G and 5G band on the same SSID.
On setup process after entering the WiFi password, the camera would not connect to the network despite seeing it and labeling it correctly (showing both 2.4G and 5G band).
I then separated the two bands with their respective SSID and went through the setup again on the 2.4G band and it works.

The problem is, I then reverted back to having both bands on the same SSID, and I cannot connect to the doorbell pro via the app. I went on my router, checked the doorbell pro’s IP and confirmed the router sees it, it is connected to it and assigned it the correct 2.4G band.

So I’m so confused as to why it is not letting me connect to it since as far as the camera is concerned, nothing changes on its end (same band, same SSID since I only changed the SSID name for the 5G band).

EDIT: I forgot to add that I have a lot of other Wyze devices that had no issue, and a lot of other brands devices that are dual band and have no issue either, the only device with an issue on this network is the doorbell pro

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I also have a lot of devices. The sense hub is a little different, if that is working, I would leave it as is for now and do it last. Do you have the steps to set that up with a new SSID?

Also. the Doorbell Pro should connect on your 5 Ghz side, mine is. I am using it wired as well and it connects blazingly fast. Side note, the doorbell actually connects to the chime and the chime connects to your WiFi, so if your doorbell is not connecting, try moving the chime closer to the doorbell Pro. The standard v1 doorbell functions differently.

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I do not have the process to set that up with a new SSID unfortunately, I will have to dig in each devices’ FAQ :smiley:

I did not test the 5G band with the doorbell (well chime it sounds like :smiley: ) but I can try a bit later, however it looks like the one issue is really having both bands on the same SSID.
During the setup and later, the chime is by my router and chime and router are really close to the door, I verified the signal strength, doorbell signal strength has two bars, chime has three (under device info).
And as long as they are on that separate 2.4G band with its own SSID, I can connect to it and it works great. Really odd but I would love a fix, my OCD is bugging me to have two networks like that :smiley:

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Do the Sense hub last. What FW are you running on it. There were issues with one and a lot of us step cautiously when changing it.

But basically, on the sense hub do a quick tap on the reset button and it should come back and say ready to pair. Basically indicating it is in parking mode. Then simply add it back without deleting anything and it should connect and all sensors will still be available.

I will ask the other mavens if they had any issues when switching the SSID. I recently had to go through a repairing of it as I was testing to see if certain issues were fixed


Do a camera first so you can see what to expect.

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Thank you for all the help! On the hub I’m running, the doorbell is 1.0.64.
I’ll give that a try then.

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Thanks, will check on a few things related to the Hub

So I consulted with a Few other Mavens and although you should be able to simply change the SSID and PWD by quickly pressing and releasing the button and putting it in Pairing mode there are some items you need to be aware of. First and foremost, when doing this, your Sense Hub may start to cycle and your rules and devices will appear offline. If this happens, normally it will correct itself and become stable in a few hours, after that things will start working again. Secondly, when you do this, some have reported that they had to reconnect the contact sensors for them to function properly, I have not run into this issue.

For me, if I do a quick press and release, I can pair my device as expected with no issue, I have had issues with certain settings and the hub cycling when I try to do a soft reset.

We are both on the same FW version, so just wanted you to be careful. It is definitely doable. But if it works, you may want to consider leaving it where it is until the next FW update.

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Wow thank you so much for all your help and testing! I will try to only move 5G devices and wait for a FW update I suppose.
Should I create a new topic for the doorbell pro or is it supposed to be working this way?

It is supposed to be working on 5G and 2.4Ghz. If it is not connecting, I would open a ticket and submit a log. It should still be able to pull a log off of the device for you.

An ‘easy’ way is to change SSID on your old network and assign your old network’s SSID to your new network. Then you do not need to change any of the Wyze products (which can be a PITA depending on where they are located)

So which route you decide to take, changing Wyze products - or changing everything else, is really a matter of path of least resistance.

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