Changed network password, need to setup all cams again?

Hey guys, I had to do some network adjustments here and ad to change the network password. Online its showing I need to setup each device all over again, is this true or is there any way for me to avoid having to so please?

I have one video doorbell pro and 2 cams.

You will need to go through the setup but do not remove the cameras from the app. This will allow for any rules or triggers to remain intact.

Simply press the Setup button and go through the process, put in the new SSID and/or Password and it will update the camera. I always name it the same as well.


This worked easily with the doorbell [THANKS] but for my 2 cams I will need to get someone to go up on a ladder to set them up again, there should have been some easier option for this, Sighhhhhhhh