Reset wifi password forces system to be set up all over again

Why do I have to completely wipe everything then set it all up again anytime the wifi password is changed?

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Because your devices are all individually installed and configured for a specific SSID and Password which can be different for each device if you run devices on multiple networks.

If you change either of these, every device on the network that changed has to be reinstalled to match the new SSID and Password.

DO NOT DELETE THEM FROM THE APP. Just reinstall them. That way you don’t loose any data from the MAC identified device.

There is a wishlist request to change this to an app based setting that can be reconfigured by the user for each\all devices.


Oops. I already deleted all of them and finished setting them back up.
Nothing was lost as far as I can tell.

Did you have to reconfigure all the settings and reassign to licenses? What about event history?