Changing the network a cam is set up on

Does anyone know if there is a way to change the network a cam is on without re-installing it thru setting it up again? (Poor connection on one that takes a long ladder to reach!)

If the new network has the same SSID and password, then usually no. If you are changing those, then you will have to re-setup the camera in the app on the new network.

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Thanks for the reply! To clarify, I am changing from the primary ssid broadcast by my router to the ssid broadcast by my range extender. Same pwd, same ssid except the extended version adds ‘_ext
‘ to the primary ssid. Not a mesh extender.

Unfortunately, to the camera, that is a different network. I know this because I have 3 different SSID my cameras are connected to. I wish I could tell you something different. :frowning:

Sigh… I hate ladders I was afraid that was the case but with all the tech savvy out here I thought I would ask. My provider offers a mesh extender-think I’ll look into that.
Thanks again!

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

I think I am going to try the mesh extender. I will keep you posted as to how well it works.