Different SSID for cameras

I currently have 2 cams v2 connected to the main SSID on my network. I will be moving both cameras to another location which gets low wifi signal.

I am planning on adding an access point closer to the new location which will have a different SSID.
Can the cameras be on a different SSID network than my phone and still be accessible through the app?

I ask because my phone will always be connected to the main SSID and the cameras to the 2nd SSID.

yes but because you are changing the network they will be on. You’ll have to connect your phone to that Network and go through the full set up again. once they are set up on that new network they will work fine and you’ll be able to connect to them through any network


Awesome… thank you so much for the fast reply :fist_left:


Glad I could help.