How do I change a camera's wifi network in the app?

How do I change the wifi network on the app? I have pressed the setup button on the camera but don’t know where to go from there…I don’t see an option on the app??

In the app you go to the 3 dot menu and select “Add a Product”

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You have to setup the camera from scratch. You can’t adjust the wifi information once it is setup, unless you re set it up by the “add a product” like stated above.


Then, why did two of my cams change networks on their own? I have an ATT hardwired and WiFi network that feeds the house, then a different network name for the Mesh network that provides the WiFi. The cams were all set up on the Mesh WiFi network. But, two of 5 switched themselves over the the ATT network, which means the app could no longer control them?? Annoying!

What are the ssids of each network? If you go into device info, does it actually say the other networks ssid? How do you know they are on the other network?

I haven’t heard of that occuring before without the user input at some level. When I’ve installed stuff at my house I have sometimes forgot to connect my phone to my iot network and set stuff up in my main network, but then I see the oops and then reset it up on the correct network.

Yes, they changed networks, but joined the wrong one. When I went to “Device Info” it indicated they had joined the AT&T Wifi, and not my home WiFi that they were originally set up to. I have the same PW for both networks. I could see them listed on my app, but my phone app wouldn’t let me control them at all. I had to delete them, and then do a reinstall to get them back on the proper WiFi. I have a suspicion that they changed networks during a brief power outage. We have a backup generator, but it takes several seconds (5 - 10) before it powers up and switches the power over to the generator. The mesh network WiFi router is on a UPS, however, but the cams are not.