Retain wifi setup on power loss

Hello, is there any way to not lose settings like wifi setup when there is a power outage - for the v2 or v3 camera? If not, has there been any announcements about this being a feature?

I realize that I could use a un-interruptable power supply, but the person I would be helping with this wants to avoid using those due to risk of fire… So, that seems like it would not be a solution.

This is for a vacation house that will not have people often present, so the concern is that when another power outage happens, the cameras will be done until someone physically goes over there for setup.

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Your cameras should NOT be losing network configuration with a power outage. Can you provide more details? My cameras reconnect to the wifi if there is power outage. Perhaps there is a timing issue between the reboot of the cameras and the reboot of the router. You might want to consider either a smart plug or some sort of mechanical timer to reset the cameras periodically for this kind of thing. Smart plugs would allow you to manually reboot the cameras via a power cycle, if there is no connection issue for the plugs. A timer would just power cycle the camera once per day, just in case.

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Hello, thank you for getting back to me. I think that I misspoke. The issue is more so that a family member will unplug one particular camera when they want to use a kitchen appliance for a while, and then maybe plug it back in later. Is there a way for the camera to save settings for these instances? Or should it still not be an issue for any Wyze camera?

Correct. It should not be an issue.

In fact I often set up Wyze cams on a test network at home which has been temporarily configured with the same SSID/password as the final location. Then I just carry them to the remote site and plug them in and they work fine.

The cameras retain the memory of how they were setup even when unplugged.