Log on to my net service

I had to reset my internet router and now has a different connection name. Because of this all my cameras are offline. Where do I find where I can reconnect to my internet service under the new name and get them back online? I’ve looked everywhere. Thank you

Welcome to the forums! The best way once you get a new Wi-Fi network is to rename it the same as the old, and use the same password. That way everything that is programmed to the old information connects right up. If you want to go the route and set everything up to the new network, you’ll need to set up each device as if it were brand new.


Tony is correct. Simply using the same old SSID (wireless network name) on your router is the easiest, smartest, simplest way to go.

If you will not do that, instructions for resetting some of the cameras are at


I agree with both these guys below that replied to you.

AND if you had to reset it, that means it reset to its factory setting. That means its using the published/easy to find/anyone could gain access to your router, your network, and maybe even your network password. AND then connect to your devices and start collecting all kinds of personal info. Please don’t say “it would never happen”

So, the safest as well as the easiest method for you to get your cameras back online is to do what they say - get inside your router and rename the network/SSID and WiFi password to match what it was before you reset it.