Camera not working

My Wyze cameras stopped working after I change my internet service to Verizon

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All of your Wyze Cams and devices were installed onto the old WiFi router network name (SSID) and Password. Those network credentials to log into that network are saved in each cam so they can access the network. If you changed to a new WiFi router, the Network name and password is most likely the issue.

You have two choices. The easiest is to modify the network name and password in the new WiFi router so that it matches what was used in the old router network. That way, all of your cams will use the credentials they already have stored.

The second option is to run a new setup on every cam and supply the new credentials. Don’t delete anything from the app, just do a new setup.


Did you keep the network name (SSID) and password the same as you had before the switch?
If the network name changed with the new service you will either have to change the name to the previous or set up your cams again.

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Thanks so much