Wifi signal strength shown on camera screen

I have an idea. In the next firmware update you should display the internet signal strength on the camera screen. Make it like the wyze logo where you can turn it off or on.

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The app already gives the signal strength (in the advanced settings), however a RSSI value would be nice…

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This would really help - when positioning the cameras around the pool and patio I have no idea what the signal strength is - would be fantastic addition


IDK, my cameras are stationary and the signal varies anywhere from 97% down to the mid 50%. Also, I don’t know how frequently it is updated, so it may not be useful as a live indicator. Having the camera monitor constant updates of signal strength for one time positioning needs may impact other performance as well. I think there are some phone apps that already do this.

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In advanced setting my WiFi signal strength says “not supported” for both my pan cam but gives me percentages for my v2 cameras. Why is that?

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I mean in device info not advanced settings


After the latest upgrade, I also have this problem on 2 of 3 of my cameras while the 3rd one indicates the %. I have already rebooted and power cycled the 2 cameras but no resolution.

wyze cam v2 wifi signal strength: not supported

Show wifi signal in % to help in locating best placement for devices.

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Better Wifi signal strength granularity

On the Video Doorbell Pro the 3 bar signal strength meter turns into a Wifi signal decibel number when you touch it but that is not the case on the Can v3 for example. One of my spotlight cams seemed to work fine except when I was on a ladder near it aiming it I would loose signal, Same situation with my doorbell. The first time I had someone ring it I could not connect to it because there was a human body next to it. I moved one of my 3 wireless stations 20 ft and it seemed to help but both are still just 2 our of 3 bars. That is not enough granularity to tweak your home wireless network. The best option would a a 5 or more bar graphic and a percent number similar to what the wifi on a laptop of cell phone would show.

Signal strength in mbps

I would love to see the signal strength represented as mbps from the device (cameras) to the router. The little 3 bar graph is nice. Actually showing what the device is connecting at would really help when trying to find a good location and help diagnose connection problems.

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WiFi Signal Strength is measured using RSSI and dBM. Transfer speed is measured in Mbps. The transfer speed is constantly variable based on router load, intereference, processing lag, etc. So it would not be a good indicator if the signal strength as it is in constant flux and affected by factors outside of signal strength.

Wyze does show the RSSI value on one cam, the OG, when you click on the three bar graphic it will show you the RSSI value. Unsure why they haven’t rolled this great feature into the other cams.

A better source for the RSSI value for devices on your network would be your Router App or Browser interface or a Network Analytics App.

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Wow!!:+1::smile: This works on Video Doorbell Pro as well !

Hopefully all Wyze cams have this in a soon to be firmware update!


Well… Here’s to hoping! I would like to see it in all the other cams as well.

I believe that is because the VDBPro and the OG Cams are sourced from the same manufacturer… different from the other cams.


Hopefully Wyze can do a firmware upgrade to more of the Wyze cams to provide signal strength. I thought a quick video would help.

:question:Anyone else interested in this? It puts a new meaning on "it’s the wifi’:slightly_smiling_face:


I have a theory though. I believe the limitation to getting this on the other cams may be a hardware limitation in what the cam WiFi chip is capable of reporting as strength data.

The OG Cam does not come from the same manufacturer as the other Wyze Cams. I believe it is from the same producer as the Doorbell Pro. I suspect that the WiFi chips used in the OG cams and the Doorbell Pro are capable of reporting this data but perhaps the others are not?

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I had requested a signal strength percentage instead of bars quite a while ago.

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