Signal Strength Appears Not to be Working

I’ve got six V3 cameras placed around my property at varying distances from the router. Regardless of distance, they all show a Signal Strength of three bars. It doesn’t matter if they are placed next to the router or far away where they start losing signal, it’s always three bars.
Is Signal Strength function operatonal?

I have one v3 that shows 2 bars and still works. The rest show 3 bars. I am not sure of the calibration. Maybe 1 bar means it is barely functional.

They should show signal strength in dbm like the competition does rather than the inaccurate way they do now.

Actually the OG does show dBm when you click on the bars. The number is similar to what my router says it has (-46 vs -48). Not sure if other Wyze cameras support this.

V2, V3 & V3 pan don’t have that feature :neutral_face:

Interestingly, I have a V2 camera in which the Signal Strength indicator does respond depending on distance from the source. Not sure why they removed this feature in the V3 cameras but wish they would add it and show the dbm instead of the three bars.